How to Lose Weight for Good!

  • Understanding Feelings: We’ll talk about why you eat too much, like when you’re upset or bored, so we can find better ways to deal with those feelings.
  • Eating Mindfully: I’ll show you how to pay attention to when you’re hungry or full, so you don’t eat more than your body needs.
  • Healthy Eating: No diets involved. You can enjoy your favorite foods while still making healthy choices
  • Dealing with Emotions: I’ll teach you other things you can do when you’re feeling sad or mad, like talking to a friend or doing something fun.
  • Setting Small Goals: We’ll make little goals together, like trying a new healthy snack or eating dinner without distractions, to help you eat just the right amount. We will figure out what works for YOU!
  • Building Confidence: I will also help boost your self-confidence by showing you your strengths and helping you believe in yourself.

Program Details

Empowering you to live your fullest, most joyful life is my mission and passion.